5 Crucial Tips When Buying New Fleet Cars

5 Crucial Tips When Buying New Fleet Cars

Choosing the right fleet vehicle is one of the most important aspects of running a successful taxi business. Fortunately, nearly every dealership has a Fleet Department, where a small group of sales people have been authorized to sell fleet cars directly to businesses at rock bottom prices. Today, we at Gazoop are going to show you exactly what to do to land the fleet car of your dreams!

Tip #1: Know What to Ask For

There are some basic things to consider when choosing the right fleet vehicle. Before going any further, ask yourself these questions:

  • 1. How many people are you going to transport at a time?
  • 2. Will your fleet vehicle ever need to pull a trailer?
  • 3. Is there adequate trunk space and racks on the roof?
  • 4. Do you want to have extra features such as air conditioning?
  • Tip #2: Set an Appointment with the Fleet Vehicle Department

    The Fleet Vehicle Department is one of the best kept secrets of any dealership. They can sell you fleet cars at a lower price than normal, but they are not allowed to advertise themselves – meaning that you have to initiate contact. Fortunately, this isn't too hard (if you know what to do):

  • 1. Call the dealership during regular business hours and ask for the name of the Fleet Vehicle Manager.

  • 2. Only speak to this person (other salesmen might pretend to be a Fleet Car Manager, but do not be fooled).

  • 3. Now is a good time to ask about basic features such as two-wheel or four-wheel drive, special shelving, and, of course, group discounts for buying multiple fleet cars.

    Tip #3: Follow Through and Ask Questions

    When you get there, be sure to ask for the Fleet Car Manager by name (again, this is to get away from any imposters). Shake their hand, be polite, and act business-casual. After meeting face-to-face, they will show you the fleet cars. Be sure to:

  • 1. Check the fleet cars for any dings or scratches.
  • 2. Read all of the features that are on the window sticker.

  • 3. Take the car for a test spin (and don't be afraid to drive it like normal).

    Tip #4: Make the Decision

    By this point, you've met the manager, driven the car, and now have a good feel for the situation. Now is the time for negotiations:

  • 1. Pay attention to the invoice amount rather than the sticker price. This is the true amount that you will be paying.
  • 2. Look at the invoice and see if there is a dealership fee. If so, they might be willing to waive it if you ask.
  • 3. Consider asking for additional perks such as prepaid maintenance, consolidated billing options and other leases that will save you money in the long run.
  • 4. If the manager asked, be sure to bring proof that your taxi company is a legitimate legal business. Some Fleet Car Managers are not allowed to sell to the public.
  • Do You Have Some Tips of Your Own?

    If so, Gazoop wants to hear them! Be sure to leave a comment below and give your best suggestions for buying fleet cars at the best possible price.

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