Gazoop and GloriaFood Integration

Gazoop and GloriaFood Integration

The on-demand food delivery world has been growing at a rapid pace over the last few years, and Gazoop are proud to announce they have now integrated with GloriaFood, giving taxi fleets the opportunity to offer their services to restaurants in order to keep up with delivery demands.

Gazoop offer the ultimate in dispatch solutions, offering taxi fleets an easy-to-use, fully managed dispatch service, which now encompasses GloriaFood. This means that taxi fleets can stay at the forefront of dispatch advances, and can effectively capitalise on the on-demand food delivery boom, whilst still managing their bookings and dispatches efficiently.

Satisfactory delivery of food is a crucial part of the on-demand food sector and can have a bearing on the success of individual restaurants. Ineffective delivery methods can be commonplace, meaning negative reviews and a lack of returning custom. This does not need to be the case, and Gazoop aims to change this. By keeping the importance of effective delivery in mind, and understanding the importance of a mutually beneficial system, Gazoop offers a dispatch system that works for both the taxi fleet manager and the restaurant manager. This symbiotic relationship will ensure maximum satisfaction and success for all involved.

By utilising the integration of Gazoop and GloriaFood, taxi fleets have access to an effective taxi dispatch system that will put them in contact with restaurants needing reliable and professional delivery services. This means that they have ample opportunity to benefit from the current popularity of on-demand food delivery.

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