Dealing with Customer Problems

Dealing with Customer Problems

Happy customers are often easy to deal with, but ensuring that problems are resolved quickly is a fine art. Even with using a technologically advanced taxi dispatch system, there is nothing more important than dealing with customer complaints in an effective manner.

So, here is our guide to handling issues if they ever arrive:

1. Remain calm and polite

Often, individuals contacting to report an issue can be frustrated or confused. This can be quickly handled by letting them talk through their problem and offering an apology that their experience wasn't as expected. While some customers can be angry with the problem, it’s important to remain calm, rational, and fully understand their perspective to help resolve the reported issue.

2. Confirm what they actually need

After they report their problem, it is important to repeat back and confirm the specifics of their issue. While they may have a seemingly straightforward problem, it’s important that it is walked-through in full and validated before putting in place any steps to resolve the issue.

3. Enact an achievable solution

Once the customer has confirmed their issue, you can begin resolving any immediate problems and plan steps that can help resolve any larger issue. A golden rule here is to make it clear to the customer what is within your power to resolve, what is realistic, and to follow through on what you have promised. But regardless of how immediately fixable it is, they should be assured that their concerns will be noted and passed on to the relevant individuals.

4. Enact your solution

Once you have concluded the call, take any steps required to fix their reported problem. At this point clear communication is key. Keeping the customer updated about the resolution is also extremely helpful. As is making sure that the reported issue is fully resolved to their satisfaction.

5. Follow-up and confirm afterwards

A quick follow-up call is an invaluable final touch to closing the issue. And if the customer wants to follow-up with any thoughts or feedback, let them know of the number of channels for them to easily get in touch.

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