Three tips to keep customers happy and returning

Three tips to keep customers happy and returning

Customer experience is everything when it comes to business. If the customer is happy, they’ll keep coming back and using your business. This is just as true for taxi and related services as it is for any other business.

So, here are three ways to keep customers happy and coming back to your firm in the future.

1. Communication is everything

You don’t want customers continuously phoning your call centre wanting to know when their ride is to turn up. That is why you need to be constantly sending information to your customers to keep them updated about the ride they’ve ordered.

A text message system can be used so that when the customer has ordered a ride, they are given a confirmation. Then when the driver is on their way, another message is sent and as soon as they’ve arrived another message could confirm arrival. Communications can also be sent if there is a delay in their dispatch.

This constant communication can help set expectations and please customers quickly.

2. Keep drivers and fleet management talking

As well as constant communications with customers, your drivers need to be in constant communications with drivers. Those in your vehicles can report on delays which are affecting them and also report where they are so your dispatch system can make better use of resources by allocating jobs to the drivers closest to jobs.

When both fleet management and drivers are in sync, the customer experience is greatly improved and customers know they can rely on your business to literally deliver them to where they need to go on time.

3. Increase the range of payments you accept

Cash is being used less and less nowadays. So you should allow for many different forms of payment for any rides that you’re offering. This might include debit/credit card payments or payments via your website .

If you increase the number of acceptable payment types, more customers will be able to utilise your services, the experience will be smoother and you’ll make everyone happy.

It doesn’t take much to make customers happy. Small changes can make all the difference when it comes to delivering and exceeding expectations and making getting from A to B a pleasure not a chore.

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