Guidance for taxi-drivers during the Covid-19 pandemic

Guidance for taxi-drivers during the Covid-19 pandemic

Taxi services are essential to the public, meaning they have been able to operate throughout the coronavirus pandemic. As lockdown rules begin to ease, more people are needing taxis in order to travel. Below we provide guidance on how taxi drivers can keep both themselves and their customers safe:

Social distance when possible

While taxis are small spaces, measures can be taken to ensure that people are still sat away from each other where possible. This is easier if you lower the number of passengers you’re prepared to take, especially if they’re from the same household or bubble. Normally, you might offer to help customers with their luggage, but during the pandemic, it’s better to ask if they can do this themselves. If not, make sure they stay well away from you while you do so.

Allow people to pre-book

If you use a taxi dispatch system, it will answer and handle your calls even when your phone lines are busy. By allowing people to pre-book taxis, you will know in advance how many people are going to be travelling in your car and from where, giving you the opportunity to prepare the vehicle for optimum safety and cleanliness.

Regularly clean the vehicle

When it comes to cleaning, this should be done throughout the day and after each set of customers. In particular, focus on the parts of the car that people touch the most such as door handles.

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