How technology-based fleet management can help your business

How technology-based fleet management can help your business

Running a business can be challenging, especially in a service context. It’s the organisational aspect - ensuring that the right person - be that a plumber, locksmith, or taxi, is with the customer at exactly the right time that can be difficult to get exactly right. For years, companies have been using various methods. The problem is that these are based on estimates.

Technology is the saviour; it provides a sophisticated, cloud-based ability to organise a complicated system which can provide dispatch solutions and send precisely the right person for the right job, at the right time.

A taxi dispatch system is the ultimate proof of this; operators must typically decide which taxi they should dispatch to which booking request. A cloud-based fleet dispatch system resolves this problem; dealing with all issues including networking, fleet management, dispatch call taking, and call answering, a huge amount of the work involved is already removed from the shoulders of employees. That leaves them free to decide on the urgent tasks.

And this isn’t, of course, just for taxis – a cloud-based dispatch system provides a solution for a huge variety of industries and services. That solution is not just for the office base; employees and contractors who are plugged into the system can use iOS and android apps on their tablets or mobile telephones to communicate with the office. This makes for a smooth experience for the company and the customer, increases productivity, customer satisfaction and reduces costs – a result for everyone.

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