How does fleet management technology work?

How does fleet management technology work?

Good fleet management companies will make use of innovative and state-of-the-art technology to coordinate the business vehicles across their fleet. As many companies rely on fleet management for their businesses to thrive, understanding the technology behind the scenes is vital to increasing productivity and efficiency. Here is a short insight into the inner technological workings of fleet management:

- Tracking with GPS

GPS monitors are predominantly used to track company vehicles but can also be used to track workers, equipment or products. The GPS monitors simplify a fleet manager's job as they can easily track and locate available and unavailable vehicles and drivers, which significantly boosts the efficiency and reputation of the business.

- Telematics

Usually installed within company vehicles, telematics are sometimes known as black boxes. Telematics can be used to track the location and driving performance of a company vehicle, therefore a fleet manager is aware of the safety of the vehicle on the road as well as the performance of the driver. This technology is hugely beneficial for monitoring the whereabouts of your drivers and protecting the credibility of your business.

- Software

The overall software database within fleet management contains all the valuable information regarding the fleet, including the dispatching drivers, customer tracking updates, expenses and even vehicle performance and the amount of fuel used across vehicles. This software hugely assists the administrative aspect of fleet management as all the vital information is securely stored in one space.

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