Always have a taxi available with fleet management software

Always have a taxi available with fleet management software

It's one of the worst things that can happen to a taxi company. Late on a Friday night, you find yourself inundated with calls but all of your cars are scattered across town and you have no idea when you'll next have one available for your many interested customers. This is where effective fleet management can come to the rescue.

What does fleet management do?

With good fleet management software, you can constantly keep an eye on the location and status of your vehicles. This means that you can keep your customers informed whilst retaining a greater level of control over your fleet. Assigning drivers to certain areas and keeping a couple of taxis close to your base will ensure quicker turnarounds and more completed jobs.

More efficient service

If you don't really know where all your drivers are, it's easy to waste a lot of valuable earning time by sending a driver who is miles away across town to do a pick up a closer driver could have handled instead. A good taxi dispatch systems will ensure you're sending the closest driver to the most appropriate job, saving fuel, time, and money.

Use Gazoop

If you're looking for a cloud-based dispatch software you can rely on, look no further than Gazoop. Gazoop offers a comprehensive dispatch service that you can use to improve the distribution of your fleet, offering as much information as possible to your dispatchers. If you're looking to take your taxi firm to the next level, contact the Gazoop team today to find out more.

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