Gazoop Free Plans Are Back

Gazoop Free Plans Are Back

We are excited to announce that the Gazoop Taxi Dispatch System Free Plans have made a comeback! With the current financial burden many businesses are facing globally you might be asking yourself how to grow a taxi business effectively and attract customers in a taxi business in 2021. Now you can try our free plans for businesses who are unsure if Gazoop is the right system for them. Learn how to improve taxi business by utilizing Gazoops feature rich system and further develop your taxi business. Some of these amazing features include:

Vehicle management, GPS Maps, Calendars, Logs and more

Improve your taxi business while keeping track of your drivers through a simple to use yet powerful driver management tool. Use GPS fleet tracking and get up to date data in real time. Review bookings calendars, schedule jobs and see logs on all your drivers and so much more.

Advanced Localisation Tools for Rules, Zoning, Airports And More

Customise a wide range of logical rules to happen automatically based on your needs. Use zoning to fully customise your operating areas on a map and even combine rules to create dynamic zoning logic. Create conditions set for airport pickups and drop offs or combine with rules logic for greater control. There are many advanced features to try out so if you ever get stuck we have an easy to use, comprehensive and very informative support centre to guide you to success.

Customer & Booking Management

Keep informed and focused about important customer data and learn informative information about how to make taxi business successful and improve customer relations. From managing bookings, handle customer tickets, log/view detailed and informative reports on your customers, SMS history and more.

Reports, Networking, Invoicing And So Much More

Whether you’re wondering how to expand your taxi business or just need a little more control over certain aspects of your business Gazoop will have the tools to help you achieve this. You will have complete control over your business with tools such as reports to help you review and predict future earnings, integrations, web apps for your customers and drivers, Kiosks for placing bookings. The ability to create your very own branded website easily from within your admin portal, you can even run your taxi business from home comfortably using the Gazoop system. With so many tools at your disposal you will surely find everything you need to get the job done and take your business to the next level.

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