How call answering services can help a plumber

How call answering services can help a plumber

A call answering service is a 24-hour, seven days a week solution for businesses looking for customer service representatives. Call answering professionals serve as an extension of your business, offering customisable help and advice to customers.

Plumbers need to obtain high customer satisfaction rates to generate a reliable client base. Here are some ways that a professional call answering service can help improve your plumbing services:

1. Less training time

Employee training can take weeks to complete and can often put a strain on your time and resources. Choosing a call answering service allows you to cut costs associated with training employees. This is because professional call representatives are well prepared to handle customers and represent your plumbing business in a positive light. By dedicating less time to training, you can focus your efforts on what matters most – providing quick and efficient plumbing services to your customers.

2. More flexibility

A professional call answering service allows you to dedicate more time to assisting customers with plumbing needs. Whether it’s late at night or you’re in the field working, call representatives prevent the need for you to constantly be on call. What’s more, they have access to your schedule and can send out another member of your fleet whose available for emergency jobs as they arise.

Decreased labour costs

Premium call answering providers cost less than it would to hire and train employees. This is because they operate as part of a partnership rather than as a full-time employee for your business. What’s more, their enhanced expertise means they provide better value for your customers. Since they work on a 24/7 basis, it prevents you from having to source an employee who’s willing to work through the night.

Hiring a professional call answering service can have a significant impact on your plumbing business. Gazoop is a fleet management software offering dispatch solutions and professional call answering to plumbers and similar businesses. Make sure your business is well represented to your callers by signing up today.

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