Welcome to the New Gazoop (Formerly iWebCab)!

Welcome to the New Gazoop (Formerly iWebCab)!

Does something look a little different around here? Well, the best international taxi dispatch service just got better with a sleeker webpage, exciting policy changes, and an update to our mobile app that offers new options for each one of our taxi fleet customers. Now more than ever, we are ready to work alongside you and provide you with the best taxi dispatch services that are necessary to grow your business and stay sharp!

Do you like the new name? Don't worry, we are still the same humble folks you've always enjoyed working with. It's just a lot catchier! 

Our Site Has Changed... For the Better!

Check out the new digs! Not too shabby, eh? Our crack development team has completely redesigned the old webpage with a fresh new look and the most up-to-date taxi dispatch content to go with it:

  • Support Section - got a problem? We can solve it!
  • FAQs - as the world's premiere taxi dispatch provider, we've heard every question you can imagine. Here, you can always find useful advice that applies anywhere, no matter what country we are currently providing top quality service to at the moment.
  • User Guides - while we gladly offer 24/7 multilingual live support for all of our services, these easy-to-follow tutorials will help you to utilize the Gazoop interface to its fullest potential all on your own.
  • Pricing - we have always provided the best services at the most competitive rates, and we aren't afraid to show it. Now we offer completely transparent quotes and other pricing breakdowns for easy price shopping.
  • Taxi Dispatch Blog - as part of our continuous dedication to you, the loyal customer, the Gazoop team proudly debuts this taxi dispatch blog, chock-full of practical information to help your business convey authority and promote professionalism. 

Flexible Payment Plans

Whether you are just starting out or have been around for years, our goal is to provide a level of service that is scaled just right for you and your taxi fleets. That's why, rather than a bill at the end of the week, we now offer "pay-as-you-go" and "prepay" subscription methods. 

Basically, as a taxi fleet owner, you will have full control over expenditures, and you'll only pay for the services that benefit you most. Taxi fleet owners can manually or automatically top-up their account balances so that they will never face an unexpected bill ever again. 

Mobile App Improvements

With the Gazoop mobile app, taxi fleets can host their own personalized apps for better micromanagement capabilities. They will even be able to maintain their own customer base along with other essential tracking features. Best of all, fleet owners can now disable services that they don't want to pay for (with the option of enabling them in the future).

New Look, Same Feel

Even though the Gazoop team is bigger and more beautiful than ever before, we aren't letting it go to our heads. Our goal is always to provide you with the best taxi dispatch services possible - and now, we are offering more ways to do exactly that. Look, where else can you find an all-in-one mobile app and call center services available at the flick of switch - 24/7 - on a pay-per-call basis for all of your taxi dispatch needs? Hm, maybe that did sound a little cocky after all. Sorry!

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