Taxis and Technology: A Closer Look

Taxis and Technology: A Closer Look

Here’s another reason to feel sorry for your parents: they had to get a taxi the old-fashioned way – without using technology! Let’s compare how mom and dad used taxi services compared to iWebCab’s modern methods (and if your parents are still using these outdated approaches to grab a cab, please do them favor and bring them back up to speed).

Use an App, Not Your Arm!

Dad’s flinging his arm around like a madman as every taxi passes him without notice. This strategy used to work so well for him in the 1970s, but why not now? Tell your father that taxis nowadays are already pre-booked using the following methods:

  • Mobile apps – any worthwhile taxi company has developed a dedicated app to stay competitive. Now a comfortable ride is only a few screen taps away!
  • Website – most companies have an online form for you to easily grab a cab.
  • Text messaging – why is your dad waving his arms around when he could just be using his thumbs? The taxi service will even send him a confirmation message and a second message the moment the driver arrives. 
  • Phone call – tried-and-true, this approach is not yet officially outdated, and is probably what your parents prefer the most.

GPS Taxi Dispatch Systems

In the old days, your parents used to have to walk around and hope that an available taxi happened to be nearby. Nowadays, with iWebCab’s GPS taxi system, your request to grab a cab will immediately go to the closest driver. Not only that, but with a GPS taxi, you can see exactly where your driver is as they come to pick you up. 

Your parents used to have to put up with a lot of bad service from drivers, but new GPS taxi technology means your driver is more accountable than ever before. His boss will use GPS taxi technology to see exactly where he is at all times, exactly how much he makes compared to other drivers, and all sorts of other important statistics – in other words, iWebCab is holding drivers responsible and improving service!

Backup Is On the Way

Let’s say that your parents managed to find a phonebook and call a taxi service – the fun isn’t necessarily over yet. A taxi company could be too busy, too understaffed, or simply closed. Now they’ve got to walk home or call a friend at home and be a bother.

With iWebCab, however,  taxi companies can automatically outsource requests to a dedicated call service center. That way, you can grab a cab at any time of the day (or in the middle of the night, you party animal, you!). No longer are you, the paying customer, bound by the taxi company’s rules – with iWebCab, it’s your ride on your terms!

Let’s Recap, Shall We?

Mom and dad had it bad, but you don’t! Modern technology allows you to order a GPS taxi easier than ever before, and the drivers will be nearby and on time.

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