How Will the Taxi Industry Look 100 Years From Now?

How Will the Taxi Industry Look 100 Years From Now?

At Gazoop, we are always looking ahead into the future. Transportation methods are constantly

changing,and your taxi business needs to evolve with it to remain relevant and profitable. That's why

we are examining what future transportation in the taxi industry will look like 10, 20, and even 100 years

from now.

Here are 3 major upcoming trends to look out for!

Bye-Bye Drivers

With computer technology becoming more proficient and error-free, future transportation needs will be

largely addressed by driverless vehicles. We are already seeing this with the autonomous Google Map

cars that are chartering the planet with minimal human interference. Before any taxi industry drivers

gulp too hard though, know that this still looks to be at least decades away from becoming reality!

Magnets: The Future of Transportation in the Taxi Industry

Magnetic energy will become super important over the next couple of decades as magnetic highways become

possible. Forget wheels -- driverless taxi cabs of the future will have three magnetic rods attached to

their undercarriage instead. The roads are also made out of magnets, too, which allows them to create

strategic "transfer points" that taxis can use to shift from lane to lane and blend in with the rest of

traffic as they zip along.

These magnetic roads will be much cheaper to maintain and almost silent. In addition, they will be

safer (supposedly) and rely on solar power for operating. Maybe they will even help cut down on the

number of times you get cut off every week, too!

Take a Drone Home

Right now, an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is something you largely hear about the military deploying,

but in the future, transportation needs could be met from UAVs instead of traditional cabs. Experts

predict that it is only a matter of time before UAVs are outfitted to carry larger and larger loads.

Once they reach a certain weight capacity, UAVs with human cargo is a distinct possibility for the taxi

industry of tomorrow.

Quick Recap

In our current era, there is a silent arms race of sorts between the emerging magnetic taxi industry and

the possibility of drone taxis. Traditional wheeled taxis are looking to be a thing of the past as aviation

companies and roadway engineers are already competing for the attention of major cities for contracting

rights and research money. Who will come out on top remains to be determined, but either way, consumers can

look forward to some exciting new forms of transportation with UAVs and magnetic cabs!

Gazoop Embraces All of Your Future Transportation Needs

No matter what happens to the taxi industry, Gazoop will be here to stay. Whether you are using UAVs or

magnetic destinations, our mobile app will be available to keep track of your futuristic fleet using the

latest features and technology. We will always let you easily book appointments, keep track of your stats

and vehicles, process payments online, and all of the other great features as only Gazoop can provide.

We'll see you in the future!

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