3 Reasons Free Taxi Dispatch Mobile Apps are Dangerous

Have you ever heard the saying, "there's no such thing as a free lunch?" This applies to the free mobile
taxi dispatch app world, too, where hundreds of malicious free mobile dispatch apps are waiting to turn
you -- and your taxi business -- into their next meal. We may joke around a lot on this blog, but we care
a lot about our customers, and about the taxi industry as a whole, which is why we've compiled a list of
3 reasons why you want to steer clear of free taxi dispatch mobile apps (trust us, it's for your own

Your Data Es Mi Data

We have to admit, some of these free taxi dispatch mobile apps look great at a first glance standpoint,
and a few even function very well. However, most of the time, this is just a clever ruse to grab your
company's private information. Free taxi dispatch mobile apps can run silently in the background,
where they can snag your entire contact list and gain access to your exact location, email, and everything
else you do on your phone.

Sometimes, they don't even need to use sneaky programming. A lot of users are willing to sign outrageous
Terms of Service agreements that strip them of their right to privacy. Once the free taxi dispatch mobile
apps have this information, they can sell it to other companies for a profit, or even sell it to your
rival competitors.

Shady Ads

If the free app isn't spying on you and your taxi company, then they probably are displaying a lot of ads.
This may seem fine at first, but these ads are hosted on their own private servers, and guess what else
can be hosted on a private serve? Viruses!

Even if an ad company is on the straight-and-narrow, it is still virtually impossible to protect all of
their customers from the various security flaws that can be exploited by hackers looking to get into your
network. All it takes it for one faulty ad to be displayed, and your company is toast.

Lawsuits Are Not Fun

If you are not worried about your own privacy, you should certainly be concerned with keeping your
customer's data safe. If they are going to leave their address, credit card, phone number, and other
identifying personal information on file with your company, then you have better do everything within
your power to keep it from becoming public knowledge. A failure to do so might not only lose a customer,
it could also leave you legally liable!

Gazoop: A Mobile App You Can Trust

When it comes to taxi dispatch apps, don't go for the free options -- you might pay big later! We are a
professional Cloud-based mobile taxi dispatch company who is just as concerned with maintaining your
company's privacy as we are with getting your customers to where they need to be. You can rest assured
knowing that your subscription dues are going towards improving our infrastructure, providing
terrific new options, and keeping your electronic data in the right hands!