Staying competitive in a race to the bottom

Staying competitive in a race to the bottom

From food deliveries to taxi services and chauffeurs, in many walks of life, the small local business is being elbowed out by large international operations. While it might seem like the only option is to join them if you can't beat them, new disruptive technologies are helping small businesses like taxi services to stay competitive.

And it's a badly needed service; some of the multinational firms now in competition with small local businesses are being exposed as exploitative and unethical - and they're driving family-owned firms out of business by undercutting them with technology.

There's a real appetite amongst the general public for using local businesses and services, but when those services are being undercut and their competitors offer more convenient digital solutions, winning that custom can be nigh on impossible.

That's why it's crucial for even the smallest taxi firms with the most loyal clientele to ensure that the way they're running their business is firmly in the 21st century. From advertising on social media rather than in the paper to online booking and payment, outsourced taxi dispatch and even apps that customers can use to see where their ride is.

When a local taxi firm is able to offer the same benefits as multinational companies, it's much easier to stay competitive. Even if fares are a little higher, customers will appreciate being able to give their custom to a locally run outfit and the personal service that a taxi firm they're familiar with offers.

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