The importance of great customer service

The importance of great customer service

If you want your business to thrive and you don't want to lose those essential repeat customers, it is imperative that you deliver great customer service. The service you offer your customers is what will determine whether they decide to use you again, or move on to a competitor. If you don't deliver, your business is doomed - it really is that simple. This is why great customer service should be top of your agenda.

Build your brand

Your branding is the impression people have of your business and this can make or break it for you. If you provide great customer service, whether on the phone or face to face, your customers will tell others about it. However, if you don't deliver a good service, they will probably tell more people, which could result in a loss of business for you.

Less stress

If you fail to deliver a good service, for example, if your customers are waiting for their call to be answered, drivers failing to turn up or turn up late - all it means is a headache and stress for you. Whereas, if your business is delivering, customers are happy, so the phone will be complaint-free and this means less stress overall in your business.

Customer retention

It is a proven fact that repeat customers bring in more business than new customers, so if you want to keep customers coming back to you, make it your goal to deliver excellent service to them. Don't give your customers any reason to want to use a competitor, make sure you are first on their list when calling a taxi.

Employee loyalty

There are plenty of taxi firms out there and if you don’t keep your drivers happy, they will move on. If you make sure your customer service is up to scratch, for example call handling and delivering accurate information, you are more likely to have increased loyalty from your employees.

At Gazoop, we have a staff marketplace for ensuring calls are answered around the clock. We can also provide reports on customer satisfaction to help improve your business. Get in touch today to find out more.

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