Dispatch software features that improve driver experience

Dispatch software features that improve driver experience

With a Gazoop dispatch system, you can improve safety and efficiency in your fleet while cutting costs by improving the driver experience. The following features will help contribute to your goal of creating a satisfied, safe and efficient team of drivers - to the benefit of the business as a whole!

1. Automated dispatching

With automated dispatching, you can contact the most appropriate driver for a specific job. Dispatchers will only notify drivers of deliveries that are relevant to them, eliminating non-essential chatter so that drivers can focus on the job at hand.

2. Live ETA prediction

Knowing a driver's estimated arrival time at a given destination improves communication and delivers a positive experience for drivers and customers alike. Real-time, up-to-date ETAs can be communicated to drivers, dispatch and customers to ensure expectations are aligned with reality. Having satisfied customers on-site improves everyone's experience at all times.

3. 'Ready for driver'

This feature sends an automated message to the driver's device, letting them know a customer or order is ready for pickup and transport. This feature minimises frustrating wait times to improve overall efficiency.

4. Proof of delivery

With the digital scanning of photos, signatures and parcel barcodes, you get reliable proof of delivery, which can then be stored in a driver's job history. Proof of delivery applications reduce administration requirements for drivers and dispatch and enable real-time status updates and a reliable tracking system for when issues arise.

Improving driver experience can have a huge effect on the company as a whole. Happier employees are more productive, and with drivers being customer-facing individuals, their job satisfaction could translate directly into the customer experience. You will also increase staff loyalty, reducing employee turnover to further improve your bottom line.

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