5 indispensable features of the best taxi dispatch systems

5 indispensable features of the best taxi dispatch systems

Taxi dispatch systems can automate all of the administrative and management tasks associated with running a busy taxi or ride sharing service. However, not all dispatch systems are created equal. Below are some of the features that you should ensure are included in the system you choose.

1 – Accurate ride estimates

Systems like Gazoop use accurate GPS to track drivers and locate fares. This enables you to send accurate estimates of arrival time, journey time, and fare rates. The better informed your clients, the more likely they will be to use your service again and recommend it to others.

2 – Automatic guidance

The GPS system also allows you to provide reliable directions to every driver. Furthermore, it enables your taxi dispatch system to choose the most appropriate driver according to their proximity to the fare.

3 – SMS delivery

As well as sending automated SMS to customers, a powerful driver management system can relay fare and other details to the drivers. Gazoop uses text to speech software so that messages are read out to the drivers, providing a safe and convenient system for all users.

4 – Driver management

Your drivers are your main asset, and through effective driver management, it is possible to use your fleet management system to update everything including availability, shift hours, pay rate, and schedules for every driver, whether you have one or one hundred.

5 – Statistics and reports

Companies rely on data to drive business decisions. Use your fleet management software to gather data and produce reports on everything from company revenue to which hours of operation are the most profitable. You can even receive reports on your most reliable drivers and even predict future earnings for you and your employees.

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