3 key benefits white label software provides to taxi owners

3 key benefits white label software provides to taxi owners

The high number of taxis and the presence of dominant players in the taxi industry threatens small and new taxi owners and for good reason. Without making smart decisions, you'll eventually get edged out of business.

To survive in this business, you need the latest taxi technology - which is costly to develop. Fortunately, we've created the Gazoop taxi dispatch system, which you can access and use for a relatively small fee.

You can then customise the software with your brand values and logo and reach your customers. This eliminates the need to go through channels created by major players to reach customers while giving you the platform to retain and make new customers. This bold move comes with three great benefits which are outlined below:

1. Save money and time

Building taxi dispatch software from scratch is expensive and time-consuming. The small fee charged by Gazoop is cost-effective and time-saving.

2. Build and market brand

The software enables you to build and sell your taxi business’s image to your customers. Having a personal brand in such an industry controlled by powerful players attracts a following and attention, and that’s how you grow.

3. More profit

Most taxis are contracted under the names of big companies and hence pay commission. But when you operate under your name, all the profit goes into your pocket.

Along with handing you a competitive advantage, the cloud-based software comes with robust features such as analytics and reporting.

Register your taxi business with Gazoop to enjoy similar benefits and unbeatable prices.

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