How could 5G help the taxi drivers of tomorrow?

How could 5G help the taxi drivers of tomorrow?

5G, the newest generation of mobile internet, is just around the corner. With new internet speeds and capacities available, how can taxi drivers benefit from this new technology?

Easier Monitoring of Fleets

With new high-speed connectivity, operators can expect a smoother fleet management experience. Cloud-based fleet management will become more practical, with real-time taxi location being at the fingertips of operators, allowing taxi dispatch to be tailored to the current location of the fleet and the customer.

Stronger Connection to Apps

Drivers will benefit more from any IOS or Android app system that they are connected to. No more dropped internet leading to missed passengers - drivers will be able to stay online no matter where they are.

Better Access to Cashless Payment

With the growing prevalence of IOS and Android app-based payment systems, passengers are looking for companies that can cater to these needs. Taxi companies and drivers that can stay connected to cloud-based payment systems will attract the next generation of passengers - and 5G will be invaluable for this.

Real-Time Traffic Monitoring

The improved ability of drivers to stay up to date with current traffic conditions will be a vital benefit of 5G. Although current 4G systems can do a good job of highlighting where delays might be possible, 5G will be able to use real-time data to anticipate traffic build up, and highlight alternative routes.

Improved Entertainment Systems for Passengers

All passengers are looking for something new and novel on their ride. 5G availability will allow drivers to host various types of entertainment in the backseat of their car - from videos to online gaming. These entertainment systems will help taxi companies stand out in a crowded market place, and greatly improve the passenger experience.

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