How cloud systems provide mutual benefits for customers and taxi companies alike

How cloud systems provide mutual benefits for customers and taxi companies alike

This year, the demand for cloud systems is expected to grow exponentially, totalling some $246.8 billion worldwide, up 18% from last year. From small independent cafes to global high street chains, cloud computing is present in just about every line of industry. Even the likes of taxi fleet companies are using iOS and Android apps to help better their services.

Benefits of using cloud systems for taxi dispatch

Using a cloud system can make for user-friendly booking experiences in the sense that customers are able to book a cab without even having to dial out. This saves time for both the company and the business. Moreover, drivers are able to accept new jobs in an instant, including the exact location of their passenger and how best to contact them.

This allows companies to be able to streamline the business to run more smoothly, while simultaneously improving the performance of the taxi fleet. Detailed logging systems means drivers can clearly see how many jobs they have taken on, and how efficiently they were completed. It also displays data showing the directions drivers are taking to bolster proficiency.

The automation software associated with cloud systems is beneficial to taxi companies and customers alike as they assign jobs to drivers that are closest to the customer. This means that drivers are kept busy, and there is room for greater optimisation for the fleet throughout the day. There is the flexibility and fluidity to adapt in an instant to any conditions out of the norm, whether there is a football match ending at a certain time or a sudden backlog due to an accident or unplanned roadworks.

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