Myths about GPS fleet tracking

Myths about GPS fleet tracking

GPS fleet tracking is now an established tool that taxi firms and private car services use frequently, but there are a number of businesses that are still sceptical about the technology. In this blog, we'll debunk a few myths about GPS fleet tracking.

It's expensive

The right GPS fleet dispatch management system from a reputable provider will not only reduce your maintenance and fuel costs but will also improve efficiency and offer you an insight into worker productivity in real-time, therefore optimising operations.

Drivers distrust GPS technology

A common myth associated with GPS fleet tracking is that drivers will interpret it as an invasion of privacy, but this is extremely unlikely. Even if drivers are initially unhappy about implementing the new technology, they will understand that if they leave their roles, they will be likely to encounter the same technology in a new position. After working with GPS technology for some time, they will also understand that they are able to seek roadside assistance more efficiently and navigate and communicate more effectively.

My company is too small to need GPS

What may initially appear as a luxury for larger companies to improve operations will quickly become a vital tool for all small businesses who could be at a disadvantage if they do not adopt a GPS tracking system. From a marketing perspective, customers are much more likely to opt for a taxi or private car firm that uses GPS fleet tracking that one which is still reliant on maps.

If you would like to implement an innovative fleet dispatch system in your business, get in touch with our team at Gazoop today.

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