Unlikely industries to benefit from a dispatch system

Unlikely industries to benefit from a dispatch system

When you think about a dispatch system, it's likely you think about big fleets that need managing, such as taxi ranks or ambulance fleets. But did you know that there are many other industries that could benefit from investing in a cloud-based fleet dispatch system?

Let's take a look at some of the most unlikely industries and discover why they could benefit from a dispatch solution.

Plumbers and locksmiths

Even a small plumbing or locksmith company with just three vehicles could benefit from investing in a fleet management solution. This is because fleet dispatch systems allow for effective communication too, enabling employees to farm jobs to and from one another. This means you can optimise your working strategies and complete jobs as efficiently as possible, which is especially vital for smaller businesses for whom a large turnover in profits is crucial for remaining open for business.


If you're a chauffeur, it's likely you could be dealing with some pretty big-name clients. If this is the case, and you're a member of a reputable business, investing in cloud-based dispatch solutions could make a world of difference. This is because, being cloud-based, dispatch solutions also enable you to discover the best routes in real-time, impressing your client and maintaining the impeccable reputation of your company.

Recovery services

If you're a recovery service business, it's likely you'll need to be sending out multiple vehicles at the same time or very close in timing. When this happens, you really need to ensure that each vehicle is going to a different pick-up job and that each vehicle is adequately equipped to do the job depending on its severity. Fleet dispatch management comes in handy for this because it allows drivers to communicate with one another, including requesting assistance should the job prove heftier than thought, or else cancelling assistance if it's easier.

Gazoop offers a pay-as-you-go fleet dispatch system that can be used across multiple devices, including iOS and Android apps. With four different packages available, Gazoop's platform caters to every style and size of business. For efficient call answering, dispatch call taking, and networking across your fleet, choose Gazoop.

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