How taxi businesses can help customers feel safe during COVID-19

How taxi businesses can help customers feel safe during COVID-19

As lockdown restrictions continue to ease, many businesses are beginning to re-open, meaning there is a greater demand for transport services. Some people, however, may be avoiding using taxis as they are unsure whether they are safe. Below we offer tips for how taxi businesses can help customers to feel safe and secure.

1. Encourage the use of masks

Taxi businesses should ensure their drivers wear masks at all times and should ask their customers to wear masks throughout their journey if possible.

2. Provide antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes should be placed in each taxi so a customer can clean their hands before/after entering the taxi. This will ensure they feel safe throughout their taxi ride.

3. Enable pre-booking

Use a taxi dispatch system that answers and handles calls even when your taxi business is not currently operating or all your phone lines are busy. This ensures customers can pre-book taxis which will give a customer time to properly prepare for their taxi journey and help them feel more secure.

4. Avoid conversations

Place signs in your vehicles that explain that taxi drivers will only talk and communicate when necessary. This ensures a customer can relax throughout their journey and do not have to worry about bacteria being released into the taxi unnecessarily.

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