Impact of iOS and android apps to taxi dispatch systems

Impact of iOS and android apps to taxi dispatch systems

We are living in a new age, the information age where communication and commerce over the internet have become the central focus for businesses and consumers. The modes of communication between drivers and passengers have evolved. The simplicity of having a taxi dispatched to your location has booking apps turning into a necessity for most people. Let’s take a look at why this is the case.

Taxi dispatch software saves time

Long waits have become a thing of the past. A couple of taps on a smartphone screen guarantees dispatch of a taxi to your actual physical location, unlike in the past where you had to pre-book one in the city.

Direct interaction between stakeholder

Direct communication between driver and passengers has improved efficiency since information like a passenger’s location quickly gets to the driver, reducing delays. If a passenger any inquires about anything, they can quickly get their questions answered immediately via an app.

Quick promotion

Unlike in the past where one had to research on the best price for a given route with a dispatch app, a user can get all offers, discounts and plans on the application instantly.

Reasonable rates

While using booking apps, customers familiarise themselves with the rates being charged, thus avoiding exploitation.


By providing enriched experiences for their customers, various IOS and android dispatching apps have proven to be more reliable than traditional methods.


Taxis are tracked in real-time with the details of both the driver and passenger, providing security to each stakeholder.

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