3 fleet management mistakes to avoid

3 fleet management mistakes to avoid

Fleet management is an extremely complicated job that requires managers to juggle multiple tasks at once, so in order to help you stay one step ahead, we've put together a list of fleet management mistakes to avoid.

Neglecting driver training

With so many elements involved in fleet management, it's easy to overlook essential tasks such as crucial driver training. New fleet managers often assume that all drivers in a fleet have received exactly the same amount of training, but this can prove to be a costly error. Effective and frequent driver training will increase fleet efficiency and reduce overall risk to improve your services and boost the reputation of your company.

Neglecting communication

People who aren't involved in the fleet management process might labour under the illusion that fleet management does not require effective communication skills, but this could not be further from the truth. Fleet managers who make the mistake of failing to hone their communication skills might find themselves at the helm of a sinking ship. A significant part of fleet management is ensuring that the lines of communication between customers, drivers and management are crystal clear. This is a skill that experienced fleet managers have honed over many years in order to produce the best results.

Not putting drivers first

Another fleet management mistake to avoid is to have the attitude that expensive vehicles are more important than their drivers. In reality, your drivers are the most important part of your fleet, so it's important to check in with them frequently and encourage them to voice their concerns or meet with you if they need to. This way, you're able to review the operations of your fleet more closely and see where improvements can be made.

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