Why Gazoop is a reliable fleet management and dispatch solution

Why Gazoop is a reliable fleet management and dispatch solution

At Gazoop, we understand the importance of using a reliable fleet management and dispatch solution. That’s why we have a range of measures in place to ensure that we avoid any unexpected downtime. In the past, many other fleet management companies have faced significant periods of downtime and potentially had their data compromised. At Gazoop, we want our clients to know that our systems are secure and reliable. Continue reading to learn more about the steps we take to ensure our excellent uptime rate is maintained.

What we do

Gazoop is a fleet management company that allows businesses to minimise the risks associated with using vehicles. We offer services to taxi companies, chauffeur firms, private ambulances and trade industries such as plumbing. Using the latest technology, our software enables businesses to track their fleet at all times using GPS. It allows live bookings to be made by customers on our app, while we can handle calls when you’re unavailable.

How we maintain uptime

We understand how devasting it can be for a business if their fleet management company faces periods of downtime. It can seriously disrupt operations and affect customer relationships. Over the past 12 years at Gazoop, we haven’t faced any unexpected downtime of more than 2 hours, meaning our uptime rate on average is 99.98%.

Top IT support

We have achieved this excellent average through our team of IT Security Specialists. They constantly monitor the integrity of our services, regularly performing penetration tests in order to maintain our PCI Compliance and the overall security of our solution. Plus, we are registered with the ICO and comply fully with GDPR requirements. At Gazoop, we have backup solutions around the world, taking advantage of global CDNs. In the event that one of our areas is facing issues, we can automatically roll over to another location within 15 seconds of detecting an issue.

Putting the customer first

One of the reasons behind our successful uptime rate is the measures we take to put our customers first. In the event of any kind of temporary blip, we ensure that clients are kept up to date via social media and the dedicated status pages on our website. Customers can also easily make their own backups within our system. We recommend this, as it ensures that customers have the ability to continue operating, even if the worst does happen. At Gazoop, we highly recommend using our iCals as they are automatically updated in calendars and contain all the relevant booking data needed to continue as normal.

If you need a fleet management service that offers constant reliability, then Gazoop can help. With a variety of services including taxi dispatch systems, fleet networking and mobile applications, our management systems can put you in control of your fleet. For more information, contact us today.

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