Debunking myths about fleet management systems

Debunking myths about fleet management systems

Through communicating with clients, we often come across many misconceptions when it comes to fleet management systems. Therefore, we’ve decided to clear up a few of these myths:

"I have a smaller fleet, so I don’t need one"

In actual fact, whatever the size of your fleet, you can benefit from a fleet management system. The main advantages – effective route calculations, better customer service, faster warnings - are the same whether you have 5 or 500 vehicles in your fleet. We’ve also heard suggestions that smaller fleets can use their phones for the same purpose. Firstly, this is extremely inefficient, and don’t forget that it’s also illegal in most cases.

"All fleet management systems are the same"

Many companies offering fleet management systems will offer similar benefits, however, they are certainly not the same. At Gazoop, we go the extra mile to offer technical and tailored support to our clients.

"I’d be invading the privacy of my employees"

We find this to be one of the most common concerns for businesses looking to invest in a fleet management system. Fleet managers should explain the purpose of the investment to their drivers, and explain that their goal is efficiency, not a spying technique. It will also enhance the safety of your drivers and can be regarded as verification of their work, rather than their privacy being invaded.

"It will take too long to implement"

Installing a fleet management system takes no more than a few weeks, and your drivers can continue working in the meantime. We can confidently say that the implementation time will be well worth it once you realise how much your drivers will save from being more efficient with clients and avoiding longer routes.

For the best fleet dispatch system, contact us at Gazoop. We can guarantee that it will be worth your while.

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