Tips for chauffeurs to remain COVID-safe

Tips for chauffeurs to remain COVID-safe

In this blog, we've put together a list of steps chauffeurs should take to keep themselves and their customers safe before, during and after each trip.

Before the journey

Before a customer enters your vehicle, it's essential for you to wash your hands thoroughly. Then, use antiseptic wipes to wipe down all areas that are frequently touched, including exterior and interior door handles, seats, power cords, cup holders, door storage areas, locks, windows and children's car seats. Then, make sure that you are wearing a face covering and request that your passenger does the same.

During the journey

It might seem impolite, but it is essential that you do not shake hands with any of your customers. Instead, offer them antiseptic wipes and hand sanitizer and request that they sit behind the driver's seat. Make sure you are wearing gloves when loading their luggage and do not offer them magazines or newspapers. It's also recommended that you try to avoid accepting banknotes as payment, instead offering a cashless payment service if possible. If you usually offer your customers refreshments, make sure that they are sealed.

After the journey

Wear a pair of gloves when you are unloading your passengers' luggage and make sure any empty food packets or rubbish is removed immediately. Wipe down all of the surfaces that were touched with antiseptic wipes once again and wash your hands before the next passenger enters the vehicle.

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