How delivery drivers could benefit from fleet management systems

How delivery drivers could benefit from fleet management systems

Due to the rise of mobile food ordering apps and the COVID-19 pandemic, the food delivery industry has experienced a significant boom. If you manage a food delivery team, you may wish to consider introducing dispatch solutions to your company, here's why…

1. Efficiency

Fleet dispatch software will allow you to monitor and organise your fleet more efficiently. Having greater visibility over your fleet will allow you to connect drivers with jobs in their close proximity more efficiently. This will also help to improve the workplace satisfaction of your drivers, as they will feel they are being supported by the dispatch system.

2. Customer service

An all-in-one fleet solution should contain a call answering service that will allow your customers to explain additional delivery details. For example, if a customer is self-isolating they will be able to explain to a phone operator that they require a non-contact delivery who can then inform the driver of this update.

3. Accuracy

You may choose to share updates of the movement of your fleet with your customers, e.g. by informing them how far away a driver is from their home. This will help to manage customer expectations and help you offer a more accurate delivery service for your customers.

If you are interested in introducing dispatch solutions for your food delivery company, get in touch with Gazoop today. We can help your company smoothly meet the increased demand for your services and provide your customers with the best delivery experience possible. Get in touch to learn more.

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