Fleet management during lockdown

Fleet management during lockdown

As England heads back into a second Coronavirus lockdown, daily life will once again be far from normal. The key to managing effective fleet management from home is communication, and it will be more important than ever to maintain an effective communication channel between drivers.

Manging idle fleets

With people being generally advised to stay at home during the lockdown, many of your vehicles may be left idle. However, these still require attention and use in order for them to remain maintained. Failure to regularly power your vehicles may result in engine damage, which will cost time and money that your business would prefer to avoid.

You could also advise your drivers to keep their vehicles covered where possible if they are not being used, especially as we enter the winter season when the elements can be more unforgiving. They should also keep an eye on tyre pressure, as this will drop even when vehicles are idle. Try to put a positive spin on the concept of a second lockdown, and use the time to complete any work that wouldn’t have been otherwise prioritised.

Managing busy fleets

It is possible that your fleet may remain busy throughout the lockdown period. With schools, colleges, universities, and certain places of work staying open this time around, many people may feel uncomfortable travelling via public transport and may be more inclined to use taxis or chauffeurs. Plus, delivery services will continue to increase in use. Ensure that you maintain communication with your drivers at all times, using your data to check that they are taking the appropriate breaks. In such trying times, addressing the wellbeing of your employees is essential.

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