How a fleet dispatch system could help your business optimisation during the second lockdown

How a fleet dispatch system could help your business optimisation during the second lockdown

The UK is currently in the middle of a second lockdown as COVID-19 cases continue to rise across many parts of the country. Thanks to this, all non-essential businesses have shut, leaving only key workers to earn a wage. If you own a business such as a plumbing shop or a locksmith, then you fall into this essential category.

Despite the ability to remain open, times will still be hard for many businesses, especially those independent businesses that work within a local community. If you're a small manual trade business still operating under the second lockdown and you own multiple vehicles for employees to drive for call-outs, you may want to invest in a fleet dispatch system.

Here's why.


As a manual trade company, you'll need to work effectively to keep the trust of those community you service. Especially during the pandemic, people will opt for the service of a company they trust and can rely on. By investing in dispatch solutions like fleet tracking, you can ensure your company works with maximum efficiency.

Multiple calls

One of the benefits of installing a fleet dispatch system is that you can easily and effectively track the progress of each individual call-out at once. However many vehicles are out, see where they are at a moment's glance.

Gazoop's Pay-as-you-go dispatch software

With a choice of 4 packages to choose from, there's a fleet dispatch system to suit every budget and size of business. To learn more, explore our website today.

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