Why customers love taxi dispatch system technology

Why customers love taxi dispatch system technology

At Gazoop, we know our taxi dispatch app and fleet management technology is something special, and we’re pretty sure our customers do too. Chances are your taxi customers will love the benefits just as much, but if you’re not quite sure what it has to offer them, here’s why customers love a taxi dispatch system:

It’s easy to book

No more hunting for a quiet space just to hear the operator – with a taxi dispatch system your customer can book a taxi and barely have to break conversation. Our iOS and Android apps make it easy for customers to book wherever they are and whoever they’re with, which makes it all the easier to win new business.

A taxi dispatch system keeps your customers happy

Customers’ number one frustration is not knowing when their taxi will arrive, closely followed by not knowing how much their journey will cost them. With our fleet management system, you can solve both these problems.

Our app uses the latest cloud tech, so your customer can see where their taxi is and crucially how long it will take to reach them. Your customer feels they can trust your company, and that they have finally found a taxi firm that is reliable. We’ve built-in features like a terminal and gate tracker, to build your reputation for those lucrative airport runs, as well an excellent two-way comms so you and your drivers are never out of touch.

To find out more about how Gazoop can transform your taxi dispatch system, get in touch by phone, SMS, or email.

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