The Free Plan

No time limits and no payment information required

We love working with Start-up Taxi Fleet Operators! Or perhaps you are a larger firm that want to try us out first before proceeding? Either way, our free dispatch system plan has no time limits and sufficient for any purpose.

What is included with the free plan?
  • Create Unlimited Driver Accounts with full access to driver financials, statistics, and GPS history logs.
  • Create Customer Accounts, ability to create reports, invoices, bookings, and online account access.
  • Ability to create custom fare tables, add-on items, and airport flat rate pricing based on mileage.

What is NOT included with the free plan?
  • Enhanced Services such as SMS Notifications, Call Center, Flight Tracking, and API's.
  • You can not create more than 50 bookings via any method.
  • Advanced Configuration and Fleet Branding options.
  • Enabling Credit Card Payment Processing.
  • The Gazoop Staff Marketplace.
  • Call Center Services.

The Free Plan

  • Unlimited Drivers
  • 50 Bookings Per Week
  • No Enhanced Services

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