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Pay-As-You-Go Gazoop Pricing

Below is our Pay-As-You-Go Pricing. We've made our driver licensing simple to understand including allowing drivers to be on different terms.
You must ensure you have an active driver on your account at any time.

Standard Plan

Per Driver
  • Cloud-based Dispatch System
  • Instant, Scheduled, and Aiport Bookings
  • GPS Live Tracking of Vehicles/Drivers
  • Website Design and Hosting
  • Online Booking Engine
  • Invoicing & Accounts
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Premium Plan

Per Driver
  • All of Standard Plus:
  • + Whitelabel Bookings WebApps
  • + Gazoop Branded iOS/Android Apps
  • + Recurring Bookings
  • + Kiosk Bookings
  • + Credit Card Payments
  • + Credit Card Pre-Payments of Jobs
  • + Detailed Revenue, Driver, and Statistic Reports
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Ultimate Plan

Most Popular
Per Driver
  • All of Premium Plus:
  • + Whitelabel iOS/Android Apps*
  • + Answer Phone Calls in Web Browser
  • + End-of-Job Signatures
  • + Bulk CSV Booking Imports
  • + API Access and Integration
  • + Full 3rd Party VoIP Integration
  • + Use Any Credit Card Processor
  • + Corporate Email SMTP Support
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Optional Premium Services

This is a non-exhaustive price list of optional premium features - further details are availabe in the Gazoop Control Panel.

  Standard Premium Ultimate
Flight Tracking & Alerts  20¢
Per Booking
Per Booking
Per Booking
Flight Tracking Updates & Alerts allows your system and driver to be alerted to any delays, airport changes, or cancellations immediately. If the flight is delayed, the system will automatically delay the dispatch of the job in accordance to your usual release time settings. For example, if the flight is 3 hours delayed, it will hold off sending the booking to the driver until 3 hours have passed from the original release time.
External Bookings 30¢
Per Booking
Per Booking
Per Booking
Any bookings placed by anyone other than a licensed staff member or a driver is considered an external booking and is charged an External Booking fee. This includes any bookings placed via your API, your Mobile/Web Applications, any website bookings, IVR/SMS Bookings, kiosks, your Facebook widget, and any other method that an unlicensed user places a booking.
Premium Website Hosting $14
Per Month
Per Month
Per Month
We offer free websites for eligible customers, however Premium Website Hosting allows you to use a custom 3rd party domain, or take advantage of our various non-branded subdomains such as You have more flexibility with website adjustments, such as uploading your own photographs, create subpages, as well as create your own blog. You will also be able to remove all adverts and remove the Gazoop supported logo.
Dedicated Customer App $750
Per App Store
Our iOS/Android Native Applications are branded to your fleet name and icon and can be purchased for both the Customer Bookings app and also the Driver Application. Instead of using a Gazoop branded native app, you can have your very own. Each application requires approval by each app store, and a set-up charge as detailed is deducted for each app, per app store. If you plan to purchase 4 mobile apps, contact Sales to see if there are any promotions running currently.
SMS Messaging See Pricing See Pricing See Pricing
Send SMS messages to customers mobiles for various activities in the booking chain using language your can customise and change at any time. Such events that can be toggled on/off include: Booking Creation, Booking Allocation, Driver En-Route, Approaching Location, Booking Cancellation, Delay Apology.
Google Maps See Pricing See Pricing See Pricing
You are able to bring your own Google Maps License Key, which offers considerable discount, or you can use the Gazoop Managed Google Maps License which has a surcharge per booking.
Call Center Technology  2¢
Per Minute
Per Minute
Per Minute
This tool allows you to enable CLI Popups so when callers ring their information is automatically populated in to your system. It also allows you to accept IVR bookings, give automated ride status updates, enable voicemail to your ticket system, and allows your dispatchers to take calls from any location in the world through your main office phone number.
Call Answering Service See Pricing See Pricing See Pricing
A remote team of dispatchers you can control and manage that take your dispatch and booking reservation calls. You can pick and choose who takes your calls and when.
Outbound Call Transfers via Phone See Pricing See Pricing See Pricing
This allows calls that enter the telephone system booking process to be patched to your disaptchers and drivers via PSTN to your cell phone/mobile phone/landline phone number anywhere in the world. You will need to select a PSTN call forwarding package for this to work.
Staff Accounts $14
Per Month
Per Month
Per Month
You can create additional staff accounts for your system, for example, dispatchers who will be taking phone calls remotely, or administrators who need to help with your accounting. You simply invite them by email address in to your system where we invite them to create a Gazoop account. Once created, they can login and use your system at the permission level you set. You will be able to enable staff billing so that you can pay out to agents per call, or per week, and automatically raise invoices as appropriate. 0.30% + 20¢ No Charge
On some price plans you are only allowed to use to process credit card charges - if this is the case, a surcharge is deducted on each transaction we process via card automatically. If the plan shows as no charge, then no deduction is made automatically and you will receive the full amount, less Stripe fees which are charged directly.

* Subject to a set-up charge.
▴ You must maintain one driver on a full license, if you have no drivers on a full license a minimum service charge equivalent to a single driver will be deducted weekly.