The Start-up Plan

Starting up your fleet? Receive 50% off for your first year!

Start-up Discount!

The pricing below reflects our Start-up Discount which gives a 50% discount off our Standard Plan for the first year you're with Gazoop.
To be eligible, you must provide a copy your Certificate of Incorporation showing a start date within the last 12 months.
Please Contact Us to confirm validity and change to this plan. One offer per account, terms apply.

Choose Your Renewal per driver

All drivers and staff added to your system are charged automatically at our weekly pricing, however, if you wish to pre-pay for a user license in advance you can receive major discounts as shown below!


$ 2.99
/ per driver

Usually $5.99 / per driver
Our Default Fee


$ 9.99
/ per driver

Usually $19.99 / per driver
Pre-Pay for a 22% Discount!


$ 24.99
/ per driver

Usually $49.99 / per driver
Pre-Pay for a 36% Discount!


$ 79.99
/ per driver

Usually $159.99 / per driver
Pre-Pay for a 49% Discount!

Our Additional Services

Below is a breakdown of our optional extra services that are not included in the above.

Pricing excludes VAT where applicable. Start-up discount only valid for 1 year. You must provide a valid copy of your Certificate of Incorporation, if this is unavailable, a link to a verifiable online registry, for example Companies House in the UK, would be accepted. Gazoop reserves the right to request further evidence at its discretion before extending this discount. Only valid for one customer and one account. Gazoop reserves the right to modify, adjust, and refuse this offer at its discretion. Pricing is subject to change in line with our Standard Pricing, though the 50% startup discount will always remain applicable in the event of a price change.