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Capabilities of the Gazoop Fleet Management Software

With Gazoop's Cloud dispatch system, not only will you be able to dispatch rides more efficiently than ever before, but you'll also be able to completely control all aspects of your taxi cab fleet business from almost any tablet, mobile, laptop, Mac computer, or PC.

Taxi, Cab, Fleet Management Dispatch System Booking Form with Google, Foursquare, and Postcode Search
"No Fuss" Booking

Our live booking form works with Google Maps and Google Places to give customers the ability to easily select their destination and pay using nearly any mobile, laptop, or desktop device.

Taxi, Cab, Fleet Management Dispatch System free website template
Web Presence

As part of the Gazoop package, you'll be given your own customizable mobile app and webpage for customers to find you and use to book rides. This fleet taxi and cab dispatch software will even feature your brand's very own logo, colors, and splash screen for a professional presentation.

Customer Mobile Applications

Provide a first class service with our Customer Mobile Applications for your Taxi Cab and Fleet Clients and Customers, whether corporate or students, this will revolutionize your fleet operations with our fleet management software.

World Renowned

Providing fleets all over the World Ultimate Quality Cloud Dispatch Solutions

Millions of Bookings

Helping your Customers go from A to B since 2013.

Thousands of Clients

We have individual drivers though to huge ride share operations.

24/7 Support

We provide telephone, email, and live chat contact options 24 hours a day.

Choose Your Plan

One set price is not always economical which is why we offer the choice of per driver, per booking, or revenue share.

Per Driver

For Pricing

We can offer customized per driver terms over any period.

Per Booking

For Pricing

We can offer a variety of custom per booking fee options.

Per Vehicle

For Pricing

We can offer customized per vehicle terms over any period.

Revenue Share

For Pricing

Revenue share of card payments through

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How Can a Gazoop GPS Dispatch System Help My Business?

The transportation industry can be fickle at times, but with our GPS dispatch system, absolutely nothing is left to chance. From company dispatchers to the drivers themselves, we have designed this system to make everyone's job easier and more efficient - especially yours!

Keeping tabs on multiple drivers across different locations at once lets you effectively appraise your employees and keeps your business running smoothly. You'll be able to investigate complaints and reward good behavior with ease. In addition, automatically selecting the nearest available vehicle for jobs saves you big on fuel costs, and also eliminates the age-old problem of "friendly competition" between drivers.

Your customers, on the other hand, will benefit greatly by a convenient user interface that guides them through every step of the booking process and uses GPS technology to let them know exactly when they will be picked up (along with how much they must pay). Different zones rates, getting lost, and other common points of frustration are all gone - all thanks to the right GPS dispatch system.

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Accurate Estimates

Unlike other taxi dispatch systems, Gazoop's cab dispatch system uses GPS technology to convey accurate arrival times, distances, and ride fares to the customer for their maximum convenience.

Live Tracking

Different privilege levels allows customers, drivers, and fleet owners track fleet taxi cab and vehicle movements on a live map in real time. This way, customers can check where their ride is, drivers can see each other, and you'll be able to see them all. Activities are also logged for the taxi fleet owner to later review.

Automatic Guidance

Aside from providing your drivers with the best GPS directions that technology can provide through your popular navigation apps (Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps, TomTom), our taxi dispatch systems will actually choose the most appropriate driver for the job based on their real-time location and history.

"Change Release Time"

If you would prefer to manually assign routes to your drivers, however, we have included this option as well. You can dictate when the driver starts each run and which driver it goes to.

Short Messaging Service (SMS)

Gazoop's cab dispatch system allows you to reach your drivers whenever you need them the most with our own instant messaging system. Unlike most taxi dispatch systems, Gazoop features text-to-speech support so all of the text is read out loud as it is sent, keeping everyone safe. Additionally, automatic messages such as confirmations and receipts will be sent to customers upon booking for a professional appearance.

Vital Statistics

Our fleet taxi and cab dispatch software breaks down your company's revenue all the way to individual clients and drivers while also showing you areas where you are losing money. Furthermore, the cab dispatch system calculates future income and provides you with booking numbers, mileage reports, and other effective measurements needed to gauge your overall success.

Driver Management

Remotely adjusting drivers' pay rates, schedules, taxi cabs, vehicles, employment status, and more is easier than ever.

Set Rates

You can set fares to charge per mile, minute, per pickup, and any other way to pay. In addition, you can create special fees for inclement weather or other exceptional one-time conditions.

Zone Control

You can create hundreds of zones across the world with just a few clicks, and subsequently create discounts, increase fees, and set other parameters for each zone while on-the-fly.

Your Rules

Want to create specific rules for certain customers, zones, or any other possible scenario? With Gazoop, all of the administrative options are fully customizable for your convenience.

Flight Schedules

Your drivers will be provided with up-to-the-minute information about plane deployments, landings, and exactly which terminal or gateway they should head to in order to reach the customer quickly as well.

Call Centers

We are one of the few taxi dispatch systems to offer 24/7 call support teams. If your dispatcher team ever becomes overwhelmed, switch over to our Virtual Call Center for immediate relief.

Full Databases

By working with Google Maps, Google Places, FourSquare, UK Postcode Databases, and your own local POI database you manage, we are able to include a comprehensive database of the world's most popular locations as well as the most obscure (including hard-to-find local airports and bases) for you, your dispatchers, your customers, and our call center team to locate from.

Previous Pickups Database

Our fleet taxi dispatch software remembers every customers previous address, biasing these addresses when creating a new booking, allowing them to quickly get to popular spots without any hassle.

So Much More

We are only naming but a fraction of our taxi cab and fleet dispatch software's features! Read our detailed list to view all of the tools that a Gazoop cab dispatch system puts at your disposal.

Gazoop: Industry Leaders You Can Trust

Our cab dispatch system runs on the most optimized taxi cab fleet dispatch software around, which is why so many ride services rely on the Gazoop name across the world. When you are ready to put all of these great features to use and maximize your business, check out our excellent price packages, or otherwise fill out our form to get started. Our live operators would absolutely love to show you how Gazoop is different from all of the many different taxi dispatch systems out there!

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