Fully customizable and scalable all in one dispatch solution

What is Gazoop Dispatch Solutions

Gazoop is both a free and paid for feature rich dispatch management system, from the many methods you can receive bookings from customers, all the way through to the small touches of allowing SMS tickets for customer service, we've thought and carefully implemented every nook and cranny to make what we offer the most unique all-in-one solution out there.

Ultimate Driver Management

Add, remove, suspend, unsuspend, and reset your drivers at any time. You can control drivers commissions, vehicles, schedules, and maximum pick-up radius at a click of a button.

Full Accounting Software

Whether you pay out a commission, fixed rate per ride, or you charge drivers a weekly fee, our billing system will raise invoices automatically based on the settings you enter.

Simplicity at its best

Book instant rides, pre-book, add flight tracking, or book recurring rides all from the comfort of one screen all shown within your monitor.

Localisation Abilities

Taking advantage of Google Maps and Google Places, you can easily locate addresses and Points of Interest in a few taps of the keyboard, otherwise, use the customers frequently used addresses for an equally as easy booking flow.

Quote and Rejection Logging

Just need a quote? Perhaps the customer doesn't like the price or the lengthy wait time? With Gazoop we fully log all quote and rejection reasons against your dispatchers (or our team) so you have a better understanding why and where potential business is being lost.

Create procedures, pricing, rules, and process flows based on your specific requirements.

Zone to Zone Fares

Prefer Zip/Post code pricing? That's fully supported too.

SMS On New Booking

Create an SMS rule for journeys booked in the middle of the night by your customers.

Snow Day!

Display warning messages to your customers and dispatchers and add additional fees.

Lazy Drivers

Drivers in Away status and 5 jobs in queue? Create a rule to SMS them to get online!

Change Release Time

Pick-up 60 miles away? Create a rule that changes release time for pick-ups in certain places.

Block Booking

Want to block a specific customer from booking rides after 10pm? Can do in the rules!

Take your own calls

Full Caller ID support by forwarding your phone lines in to our system. Calls patched back via VoIP or to your land line/mobile phone anywhere in the world.

Call Recording and Logging

Every booking placed during a call is recorded and attached to the booking screen for quick and easy playback. Very useful for correcting errors or clarifying information, and a fantastic tool for quality audit.

Gazoop Call Answering Service

Need overflow help? Out of hours? Or want to divert all your calls to our team? No problem, in a matter of a couple of clicks you have a backup team of trained experience dispatchers ready to take your calls for you.

White label and Fully Branded

You can use your own icon, splash screens, and colour scheme in the application and everything will be branded to your own company name.

Use your own Developer Account

We will publish all applications using your own developer account, meaning the owner of the application will show in your company name and not ours.

Instant, Pre-Book, and "Take Me Home" Support

The customer application can support instant bookings, pre-bookings and a 1-click "Take Me Home" feature that grabs the customers current location and uses their account address as the drop off resulting in a one click booking process.

Credit Card Support

Customers can store and update their credit card information from within their application so that the driver can easily close out the job and charge to their credit card.

Driver Feedback

At the end of each ride the customer can rate the driver out of 5 stars, if the rating is less than 3 stars the customer is invited to enter text feedback which will flag the job for an administrators attention within Gazoop.

Your Own Modern Website

Upon opening your Gazoop Account, you will automatically be given a modern easy to manage website which you can customize directly from within your own account.

Use our free domain or bring your own

All customers are given a free .Gazoop.network domain, but if you'd prefer to upgrade to our Premium plan, you can use your own domain name.

Booking Module Fully Supported

An online booking module and customer login is provided with all websites created using our website management suite.

Cloud Dispatch System Driver Management

Driver Controls

  • Driver Status: Managing your drivers is easier than ever with our Cloud dispatch system. You can add, delete, suspend, or reinstate drivers and their privileges as needed. Best of all, these changes are saved across every computer and mobile device at once.
  • Advanced Settings: Each driver's commission rate, assigned vehicle, daily schedule, and radius of operations can all be adjusted with a single tap of the screen or click of the mouse.
  • Accounting: Advanced financial software takes care of behind-the-scenes paperwork such as driver payment methods (either weekly fees or fixed rates per ride), and automatically generates invoices for your tax records as well.

Bookings Module

  • Instant, Scheduled, or Recurring Bookings: Customers can easily select a destination and pay without ever having to place a single phone call.
  • Flight Tracking: For airport jobs, your drivers will be notified as soon as a flight lands and also exactly where they need to be.
  • Quote Statistics: If a customer calls to book a ride and decides not to go with your company, our Cloud dispatch system keeps track of exactly why (pricing, wait times, etc.) so that you can further improve in whatever areas you deem necessary.
Cloud Dispatch System Driver Management
Cloud Dispatch System Rules System

Rules System

  • Fee Control: Creating new conditions and circumstances on-the-fly is easier than ever before. From bad weather to after-hours calls, you can easily create additional one-time only fees that apply only to certain rides.
  • Zone to Zone Fares: You can create new fleet zones as needed and easily set adjustable rules for each. This is especially helpful if you want to create additional fees for high-traffic areas or long-distance rides, or even to offer discounts for the latter.
  • Short Messaging Service (SMS): With a Cloud dispatch system, you'll be in complete control of exactly when drivers receive automatic notifications. For example, you can program an urgent message to be sent out whenever the queue reaches a certain level, or to quickly send out new safety regulations.
  • Booking Conditions: If you want to prevent customers from booking rides after a certain time - or even to prevent a problem customer from booking rides at all - it's all possible with our customizable blocking features.

Gazoop Dispatch Call Answering

When it comes to handling a taxi call, answering quickly and efficiently is a must for any dispatch. Call answering for taxis, unfortunately, can become a complicated mess due to payroll limitations, employee callouts, equipment malfunctions, and other unforeseeable reasons that can oftentimes leave your company unable to pick up the phone. So what is your overwhelmed taxi call answering team to do if and when they encounter these common problems?

The answer is simple... they call on our team, Gazoop's 24/7 dispatch call answering for taxis!

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How Can a Gazoop GPS Dispatch System Help My Business?

The transportation industry can be fickle at times, but with our GPS dispatch system, absolutely nothing is left to chance. From company dispatchers to the drivers themselves, we have designed this system to make everyone's job easier and more efficient - especially yours!

Keeping tabs on multiple drivers across different locations at once lets you effectively appraise your employees and keeps your business running smoothly. You'll be able to investigate complaints and reward good behavior with ease. In addition, automatically selecting the nearest available vehicle for jobs saves you big on fuel costs, and also eliminates the age-old problem of "friendly competition" between drivers.

Your customers, on the other hand, will benefit greatly by a convenient user interface that guides them through every step of the booking process and uses GPS technology to let them know exactly when they will be picked up (along with how much they must pay). Different zones rates, getting lost, and other common points of frustration are all gone - all thanks to the right GPS dispatch system.

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The Gazoop Way

At Gazoop, our dispatch system goes so much deeper than merely telling your drivers where to go. We want to become an integral part of your company - by that, we mean we want to interact with your staff, your customers, and help you exceed your goals however we can! When you partner with Gazoop, you'll have a taxi call answering service that cares more than the rest. On your slowest of days as well as your busiest, our dispatch call answering for taxis is here for you. Why not take a look at all the features you'll get to experience with us at a modest, "pay-as-you-go" price?

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