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What does Gazoop offer?

We offer the ultimate in dispatching solutions, no matter the type of business you're in, if you're a start-up or a mega corporate overlord, we're here to help.

  • Android and iOS Customer & Driver Apps
  • Mobile-Responsive Dispatcher Panels
  • Live Asset and Driver Maps
  • Cloud-based Multi-Device Accessibility
  • Premium Senior Technical Support Team
  • Lifetime FREE Updates
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"Gazoop has revolutionized my fleet in ways I couldn't imagine"

- Kevin F (Premier Chauffeurs)

Our Awesome Features

Here are just a few features Gazoop offers that will blow your mind...

World Wide Coverage

We have customers from all over, no matter where you are on the globe, we can help.

Live Tracking

What's a fleet management system without the basics? Track your assets via any device.

Mobile Apps

Whether you want to use our global apps or purchase branded apps, we've got you covered.

Credit Card Support

We support full credit card processing through to your perferred merchant payment processor.

Corporate Invoicing

Have account customers? We provide full invoicing capabilities for your corporate clients.

Website Bookings

Need a sleak and modern website and booking engine? Look no further... and we'll even host it!

Fully Customizable Fares

Specific customer pricing? Charge per mile, minute, city or zone to zone? No matter, we've got you covered.

Premium Support Plans

Our Technicians can do all the heavy configuration work for you, no need to learn complex systems.

Extensive Documentation

We have covered each & everything in our Documentation including Videos & Screenshots.

Gazoop Website Hosting: Your All-In-One Solution!

Built with passion & intuitiveness in mind, our whitelabel websites are a masterclass piece of work presented for your brand.
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Our Screenshots

We're super proud with how our system looks, our aim has always been to make Gazoop feature packed but yet very easy to use!

CLI/VoIP Call Handling

Driver GPS Audit Logs

Vehicle Management

Recurring Bookings

Invoicing & Billing

Airports & Flight Tracking

Extensive Configuration

Booking Form Customization

We have so many features to choose from, why not try a 7-Day Trial? Start Trial

Live Asset Tracking

Track your drivers and vehicles 24/7 from any internet capable device.

Our automatic dispatching algorithms uses live tracking capabilities to ensure we know where your drivers and assets are at any given time, this can be viewed and accessed by any staff member in your fleet. Drivers also have the option to track their collegues, however this can be disabled if preferred.

Experience More

The Gazoop Call Center

We provide a cloud-based VoIP solution to get your calls answered by remote dispatchers working all over the world.

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Why choose Us

Gazoop provides a modern, easy-to-use, and sleak looking solution for all type of fleet businesses, from taxis through to private ambulance services. Our flexabile configuration options allows you to mould Gazoop how you need it.

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Our Mission

The mission of Gazoop is to lead, educate and serve the internet and fleet owners of both small and corporate size in order to contribute to the growth and stability of the internet and local economy and provide products to assist merchants to provide adequate support.

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What you get

Every customer of ours have access to a friendly 24/7 customer services team who can assist with most account relating issues. We also offer a variety of Premium Technical Support plans that can help you deal with any other kind of issue possible over email, chat or telephone. Our Premium Support customers are given access to an Emergency Hotline should they ever need it too.

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Client Testimonials

Gazoop has helped my company grow. It's easy to use for both the admins and the drivers. Keeping track of jobs, drivers location and payments are all taken care of by Gazoop.

Kristian L Gazoop Client

Excellent dispatch system with almost all new features, Very friendly user for both controllers and drivers. Highly recommended.

Bilal I Gazoop Client

Gazoop is wonderful. The system is flexible and easy to use, it is very reliable, and any issues we've had have always been promptly resolved by the administrators. I would definitely recommend.

Shawn F Gazoop Client

Best dispatch system in the market, using them over a year now never had any problem *****

Nurul I Gazoop Client

Gazoop has been very helpful and straight forward and everything that is promise by them is true and their production is accurate. I will recommend Gazoop to anyone that needs their services

Darcel L Gazoop Client

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