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Manage Bookings

How do I create a Pre-book?

To create a Pre-book or future booking:

  •   Enter the important information the same as when you create an instant booking such as customer phone number, pick-up and drop off address and name of customer. ?
  •   Enter Time and Date of pick-up.
  •   Save the booking.

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    How do I create an Airport Booking?

    To create an Airport booking:
  •   In the Pickup or Dropoff field, enter either the word "Airport" or enter the airport name.
  •   Enter the flight number including IATA Airline Code (For example, British Airways is BA, EasyJet is U2, Monarch is ZB, American is AA etc).
  •   Enter a relevant Airport Terminal if one is not automatically populated and necessary.
  • The flight will be checked once you have entered a date and will show in green if validated.

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    How do I add a via point?

    A Via Point is a way point in their route, prior to the customer's destination.

    To add a via point, just click on the "View Point" button between pickup and drop off.

    You can enter up to 6 via points, plus a pick-up and drop off location.

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    How do I create a round trip booking?

    A Round Trip is when a customer is wanting to go A to B and back to A in the same journey.
    When creating a round trip, enter the pick-up address as usual and click on the plus sign to add their via point or the address that they'd like to make a stop at.
    Finally, copy and paste their pick-up location in the drop off address field as shown below.

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    How do I add a Return Journey?

    You use the Prebook Return Journey tool if customer requests to be picked up from where they got dropped off in an hour or two or more than that.

    Do not use this tool if they want to make a Round trip and will be returning right away.

    To add a return journey:
  •   Create the booking first for their first trip. ?
  •   Click Return button besides the ASAP near the date field.
  •   Enter date and time of return pick-up.
  •   Once saved or after you've ticked Create Booking, the system will automatically book the return trip for the journey.
  • No need to click create a new booking for adding a return journey.

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    How do I create a recurring booking?

    A Recurring Booking is when a customer requests to set up a taxi ride repeatedly at a certain time and day or specific days of the week.

    They could also set up a booking for the whole month or so for example, employees needing a ride to and from work or students heading to school, and so on.
    To create a recurring booking:
  •   Click on Recurring tab, beside airport tab.
  •   Enter the Start Date and Time of pick-up, if applicable, set an End Date too.
  •   Choose the Job Interval options, if customer needs the ride once a month, every 7 days, or multiple days a week (just tick on the boxes which day or days of the week).

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    Where can I find customer's frequent address?

    You can find the customer's frequent pick-up and drop off address by typing the word "last" in the pickup or drop off field. We will also show previous addresses at the top in search results.

    This is a very useful tool to save you time searching for the customer's previous address for regular customer.

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    What is Copy Job?

    Copy Job allows you to duplicate the content of a booking in to a brand new booking form. The only information copied is:

    •   Pickup, Drop Off, and Via Points.
    •   Customers Account Number and Passenger Name/Number.
    •   Cost of the ride and Applicable notes.
    What is NOT included when copying a job is:
    •   The date and time of a Pre-book (it is default an instant job, unless its a quote request where the date is transferred)
    •   Preference of a vehicle, passenger numbers, case numbers, or wheelchair accessibility.
    •   Driver allocations.
    You can select "Duplicate" to copy the information as is, or "As Return" to reverse the pickup, via points, and drop off.

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    How do I queue a Pre-book job early?

    Click Queue Job Now tab, if customer wishes to be picked up asap, instead of the scheduled time and date.

    This tool allows a Pre-book ride to be changed to an instant job without modifying the booking so that it gets sent to the drivers immediately.

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    What is the difference from soft allocation, hard allocation, and a hidden allocation?

    When managing booking assignments you will have three options to choose from, and within them whether to Offer or Force the job to the driver. 

    Soft Allocation 
    A soft allocation is assigned to the driver specified, however, if they do not start the run within 20 minutes of the due time, the job will enter the global queue again for any driver..

    Hard Allocation 
    A hard allocation is assigned to the driver specified, and will remain with that driver whether or not they start the job in time or not.

    Hidden Allocation
    A hidden allocation is similar to a Hard Allocation, except that the driver will not see the job in their allocations list and will not be notified of the booking via push notification. The driver will, however, get sent the job if Automated dispatch is enabled when the job is due.

    With soft and hard allocation, you have the option to either Offer or Force the job to the driver. To offer the job will send a notification to the drivers device via push and invite them to view the job and either accept the allocation request or reject it. If the job is rejected, the job will go back to unassigned and available to all drivers. If a soft or hard allocation is offered, and is not accepted by the driver within 20 minutes of the start of the pickup, then the allocation offer will expire and will revert back to an unallocated job. If the job is forced against a driver via soft or hard allocation, it means it will skip the step of asking the driver for permission and automatically assume the driver has accepted. This means instead of the options to Accept or Reject the allocation, they will only see the option to start the allocated job once ready.

    With a hidden job, you can pre-allocate jobs to drivers and not worry as to whether they can see you toggling jobs between one another, you can either leave the job as hidden allocated or you can formalise the allocation at any time by following the hidden allocation with a hard or soft allocation which will display the job on the drivers device and show in their My Allocation list.

    You can allocate a job at two stages, either at the booking stage in the Booking Form or after the booking has been placed in the Booking View.

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    What is Add a Note?

    The Add A Note tool or Job Notes, is where you enter important information or reminders for the driver once the booking has been placed. For instance, if customer's pick-up is in a hospital or any public place, you should enter notes for specific waiting position to make it easier for drivers to find their customer and saves you time. Example; customer waiting at the ER entrance.

    If there is also a need for you to send a message to the driver about a booking, you can use Add A Note tool instead. All you have to do is open the specific booking, enter notes and it will send directly to the driver as a push alert.

    On Existing Job Screen:

    On New Booking Form:

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    What is Modify Job?

    The Modify Job tab lets you modify a job that is not yet in progress. For example for customers wanting to change the pick-up time or pick-up address then use this tool to update the booking. However, this is not accessible on jobs where a driver is already en-route to drop off or the booking is cancelled/completed.

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    What is Complete Job?

    The Complete Job tab allows you to manually complete the customer's booking. This is used when a job is not completed in app, or a third party firm completes the job on your companies behalf.

    This box will come up once you click the Complete Job tab, you must then enter the amount owed/paid and the payment method just as you would in the driver application. If you select credit card, an attempt on the customers card will be made for the amount entered.

    Please be aware that the amount entered above will over write any transactions already logged against the booking, including any payments that may have already been added.

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    What is Email Job?

    The Email Job tab allows you to send the booking confirmation to the customer's email, enter the email address of the customer if it is not already pre-filled and hit send.

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    Where can I find the booking ID number for my taxi ride?

    You can find the 6 to 9 digit Booking ID at the top of the page of the created booking near the type of booking for example; Instant, Pre-book or Airport Taxi Booking. You can give out the booking ID number if customer is requesting for it. This is a confirmation that the booking has been saved in the system.

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    What is Flag Job?

    Flag Job allows dispatchers to flag a booking to the "Flagged Jobs" list on the Bookings Overview page. 

    Drivers can also flag jobs and are useful for instances where further action is required, for example a driver may flag an additional booking, a dispatcher may flag a complaint.

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    What is View Route Driven on Map?

    View Route Driven on Map tab allows you to see driver's route on a map from accepting a job through to a completing the job.

    Once you've clicked View Route Driven on Map, you will be redirected to the page that shows a map of the route taken;

    It also allows downloading GPX and KML files to import GPS routes into your favorite routing applications.

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    Where can I access CSV data?

    You can access CSV (Comma Separated Values) by going to:

  •   Bookings > Search.
  •   Click Export as CSV tab to download the file.

  • Screenshot below is an example of what the CSV file will look like once you hit Export as CSV.

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    How do I cancel a recurring booking profile?

    To cancel a recurring booking profile either locate a booking created by the profile and clicking the "Recurring Job Manage" button in any relevant booking.

    Otherwise, you can search for the recurring booking profile in "Bookings" > "Recurring" and filtering and clicking the ID number once found.

    Once in the Recurring Booking Profile page, click "Cancel Profile" and all pending jobs in the future will be cancelled, and no further jobs will be created by the recurring profile.

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    How do I delete a job?

    If you need to delete a job, rather than just cancel the job, then you can do this by clicking the button at the very bottom of the view booking screen.

    This button is only available on the "Owner" account, and should be used carefully.

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    How do you manage linked return bookings?

    If a customer or staff places a return booking at the same time as their outbound journey, both bookings will show an information popup at the top of the booking similar to below:

    You will be able to click "View Booking #XXX" to view the other booking linked, and you can toggle back to the same booking you were looking at by pressing the same button again.

    If you open a booking, but the linked booking was cancelled, you will see the following message:

    This will allow you to double-check the booking is still required.

    Additionally, if you or your customer attempts to cancel a booking which is linked to another booking that remains active you will see this pop-up.

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