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Drivers Map

What is Live Driver Map?

The live driver map lets you view all your drivers live on a map. There is a 30 second refresh rate, and the pins will change color depending on the drivers status.

  •   Grey:- Offline
  •   Blue:- In Job
  •   Red:- Away
You can also toggle the driver names, drivers reference, or if you want to see offline drivers or not.

Note: Drivers that are offline simply means we have not obtained a location from them in the last 5 minutes, they may still get job requests via push and shouldn't be considered not working.

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What is GPS?

GPS means Global Positioning System.

It is a satellite based navigation system that provides location. This hardware is useful in tracking your drivers using smartphone, although GPS is generally assisted with WiFi networks to get a quick and easy guesstimate of your location and is why we always recommend ensuring Wifi is kept on.

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