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Loyalty Points

What are Gazoop loyalty points?

Gazoop Loyalty Points are points earned through our customer loyalty program. These points entitles you to bid or create feature requests that will influence the future development of Gazoop.

To view your loyalty points transactions and current balance, go to Gazoop Billing section and choose Loyalty Points from the drop down list. You will be redirected to the page you see below.

Click View Feature Request tab at the bottom right area of the loyalty points page to see accepted, in progress and completed feature requests.

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What can I use Loyalty Points for?

You will be able to create and view feature requests and future development ideas. Each item will have a "bid amount" which
takes it higher up in the priority list, as such, a feature that has a higher amount of interest from fleets (bids) will be worked on
with a higher priority than a feature only one fleet may be interested in. You will also be able to track the progress of each feature
development live within the control panel so you will be kept up to speed. When you post a feature request you can assign any
number of points you like so you may not necessarily need support from other fleets for your feature to become a reality.
Alternatively, if other fleets love your idea or you love another fleets idea, they or you can help prop up that feature request by placing bids against it.

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How do I earn loyalty points?

Very simple! Each week we will send you 1 point for every whole $25 payment you make.

Payments do not roll over, so if you are short by an amount you won't be able to use that amount in the following week.

We may also run special campaigns to earn bonus Loyalty Points in the future and may give out Loyalty Points for positive feedback received on social networks.

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I don't have enough points to bid on a feature, what can I do?

That's no problem, we know some fleets may desperately need a feature but may not yet have enough points, we wouldn't want you to loose out! You can put up a feature request for just 1 point, once accepted, other fleets will be able to see your feature request and if they are interested they can also "bid" to put it higher up in the priority list.

Alternatively, if you would like to sponsor the feature to be developed sooner, you can purchase Loyalty Points at a rate of £10 per point. These payments will also be applicable to the standard policy above, so for every 3 Loyalty points purchased you will receive 1 bonus Loyalty point within 24 hours too!

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Are all feature requests accepted?

No - each feature request will be manually submitted to our support team in a ticket, upon review we will advise you if we feel this is suitable or not. Typically, reasons for rejecting a feature will be for ideas that are far too wild (Example: I want the app to drive my vehicles) or if we have already a similar feature request listed. in which case we will invite you to bid against that instead of creating a duplicate. You will only have points deducted if a request is accepted or if you bid on an existing team , declined ideas will not face any deduction.

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What is view feature request tab?

View Feature Request tool allows you to see all the accepted, in progress and completed feature requests.

You can also click the following tabs below:

Dashboard- you will see latest Gazoop news and updates as well as future development list. You can also suggest a new feature by clicking on 
Suggest New Feature tab below dashboard page or the left side tab of the feature request page.

Loyalty Points- you can see the loyalty points you've accumulated and if you want to purchase loyalty points as well.

Existing Requests - you can see list of current feature requests.

Request New Feature- enter and submit if you want to request a new feature and enter your initial loyalty points to bid.

Request new feature is same as suggest new feature tab.

The screenshot below is what you will see once redirected to the page.

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