When can I expect to receive calls?

We operate on multiple different set-ups within the Gazoop Agent Marketplace. You can receive calls in a couple of ways and I've outlined these below:

1. General Shared Queue

Gazoop Customers may opt to patch calls to any logged in virtual agent so long as the client has selected for that level of agents calls (Bronze, Silver, Gold).

2. Favourite Agents

Gazoop Customers will see all agents profiles, they may message agents to schedule times to work as well as mark a pool of agents as favourites. This means if sending calls to the Gazoop system, favourite agents will receive the calls first, before being sent to any other available agent.

The aim is to get favourited by as many Gazoop clients as possible - it is worthwhile checking over your profile, outline your service hours, really bolster your image and when speaking to clients assure them you can perform as needed.

Check Profile

In the mean time, we highly recommend keeping your Call Answer System active and online - this will bring your profile to the very top of the agent list by marking you as "Available NOW to take calls", and customers will more likely read your profile.