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FAQ for Clients

How much does Gazoop Answering cost?

We have three levels of agents you can choose from and vary in cost.

Bronze Agents - These agents have limited experience or are new to Gazoop
Silver Agents - These agents have proved themselves to be good quality agents.
Gold Agents - These agents are the best quality agents Gazoop have and have a proven excellent track record.

Please email your customer care or sales representative for the relevant pricing for these services as pricing is dependant on if you wish to offer a minimum number of weekly calls or want to incorporate it in other elements.

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I don't want xyz agent taking my calls, can I block them?

Yes - go to their profile either via the Call Log tool or via the Call Center > Gazoop Staff List tool, and then click "Block Agent". Calls will no longer connect to this dispatcher for the fleet you are currently logged in to.

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I love xyz agent, can I make sure they get my calls first before others?

Yes - locate the agents profile from the call logs or by going to Call Center > Gazoop Staff List and then select Favourite Agent. In the future if a call comes in and your favourite agents are available to take the call, they will be given priority over any other agent. Please note that a favourite agent overrides your Answering Level, so if your favourite agent is a Gold agent, but your level is set to patch calls to Bronze agents, you will pay your favourite agent the Gold rate, where-as non-favourite call takers will be paid bronze.

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I want to provide extra important information about my fleet to call handlers, how?

There are three ways.

1. Localisation Rules - You can have popups appear for certain conditions, such as a specific customer, location, time, vehicle, etc. 
2. Answering Settings - You have a free-for-all textbox which appears on the first screen when an agent takes your calls, you can include a lot of information here but be aware that the agents have limited time reading this so keep it brief.
3. Message Agents - if there is a specific agent you want to update with information, you have the option to message agents directly via the Gazoop Platform. Please be aware that messages are moderated.

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I want to raise a complaint about how one of my calls were handled, how?

We're sorry to hear you faced an issue with one of your calls. Below are the steps we recommend to avoid the situation in the future:

1. You can provide guidance to the agent by going to the call logs and hitting "Flag Call", and completing the form. The feedback is then sent directly to the agent.
2. Block the agent if you feel the issue is persistent and not being resolved, this ensures that troublesome agent won't handle any more of your calls.
3. Change your Answering Service Level to a higher level, this ensures you get the best quality agents at all times.

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I only want specific agents taking my calls, is this possible?

Yes - you must favourite the agents you want answering your calls and then go to Call Center > Answering Service > and change Agent Level to "My Favourites Only". Please be aware that your callers may face lengthy hold times if none of your favourite agents are online, so we would recommend not setting this unless you are absolutely sure your calls will be answered.

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Why did my customer face a long hold time or not have their call answered?

Agents are free to login and logout at any time, though they will try their utmost to keep to their schedule. Sometimes we may receive an excessive number of calls, or there is significant popularity for a certain level of agent compared to others. We would suggest you keep an eye on the Call Center > Gazoop Agent List as it will show at the very top which agents are currently logged in and their Agent Level. You can also favourite these agents incase their level is outside the one you have agreed to.

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